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Instruction Services: Library Science Courses

This guide contains information regarding requesting a library orientation, workshops, Library Science courses, and additional instructional materials.

LS101 Students with the Education Suite Mural

picture of students sitting by the library mural

Library Science 101

Library Science 101: College Research Skills

  • 1 Credit
  • UC and CSU transferable
  • Offered face-to-face, online, and/or hybrid (Check schedule of classes)

Course Description

LIB SCI 101, College Research Skills: This is a practical course in college level research using academic libraries and related information sources. Students develop strategies to find, organize, evaluate, and cite various print and online sources effectively and ethically. These skills help students become strong researchers and life-long learners.

Student Learning Outcome

Upon completion of LIB SCI 101, you will be able to construct a bibliography that reflects a focused research question, selection of appropriate keywords, effective evaluation and selection of sources, and adherence to formatting and citation rules.