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OER by Department

OER Resources for ELAC faculty

Exploring OER textbooks for your courses? This guide provides links to existing OER textbooks to consider for your classes.

This guide is in-progress! More to come soon...

Questions? Email ELAC's OER Coordinator, Mandy Concoff Kronbeck at

eBooks for Unlimited Users

Libraries are under significant constraints when it comes to eBook licensing. When buying eBooks we also buy a specific license for the number of users that can access that eBook. Some eBooks only allow a single user to access the book at a time, some three. While harder to procure, there are some titles that are available to unlimited users, which are listed here.

You can use these books in your classes and still designate the course as OER. OER means freely available and flexible copyright licensing for reuse and remixing; however, in California, as long as the student is able to access things 100% freely then the course can be technically OER. 

For a full list of available titles, please view this spreadsheet

Several titles are also linked under the appropriate subject tab. When available, hover over the subject tab and you will see a drop-down option for "eBooks".

eBooks (Unlimited Access)