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Instruction Services: Library Workshops

This guide contains information regarding requesting a library orientation, workshops, Library Science courses, and additional instructional materials.

Library Workshops Announcement


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, ELAC Libraries are closed until further notice.

However, instruction librarians are excited to share our new online workshop options at:

At the above page, students can watch our workshop videos any time and fill out the online worksheet linked below the video.

A Librarian will review the online worksheet submission and reply to you and the student with a "Workshop Completed" confirmation email.

Thank you for your patience in this time!

Faculty Best Practices

1. GIVE CONTEXT: Review the list of workshops to determine which ones will best meet your students' needs. Make sure students understand how the workshops will help them complete the assignment.

2. TIMING: Some students wait until after their research assignments have been completed to attend. Give students a deadline for attending workshops. Instruction is most effective at the point of need.

3. POLICIES: Let students know they need to sign up for library workshops in advance.

ELAC Library Workshops

Workshop Descriptions:

  • CITE RIGHT: Learn about plagiarism and citation. Practice creating MLA citations for a Works Cited page.
  • FIND BOOKS & ARTICLES: Use the library's OneSearch tool to find books, ebooks, and articles for academic research.
  • GOOGLE TIPS & TRICKS: Go beyond the search bar. Learn how to find copyright free images, online books, and scholarly materials using various Google tools.
  • INTEGRATING OUTSIDE SOURCES (IN YOUR ESSAYS): Learn the differences between popular and scholarly sources and their research uses. Practice paraphrasing, using signal phrases, and in-text citations.
  • WEBSITE INVESTIGATOR: Develop and apply criteria for evaluating open web sources. Practice finding credible websites through Google.

Workshop Policies

1. SIGN-UP EARLY: Students must enroll at least one day in advance. Workshops are limited to 20 students, so sign up early!

an image of enroll now

2. ARRIVE ON TIME: Workshops start on time. Late students will not be admitted. 

3. ARRIVE READY TO WORK: Students will practice hands-on research skills with a librarian and fellow students. Keyboarding skills and basic familiarity with computers are recommended.

4. VERIFICATION: Verification of attendance is provided upon completion of a worksheet/assignment, which is reviewed by the librarian. Students will not receive a verification form for a workshop he/she has already attended in the same semester, but students are welcome to retake a workshop to refresh research skills.

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