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Instruction Services: Library Workshops

This guide contains information regarding requesting a library orientation, workshops, Library Science courses, and additional instructional materials.

Current Workshop Schedules

Current library workshop schedules are attached below. Schedules are subject to change.

Faculty Best Practices

1. GIVE CONTEXT: Review the list of workshops to determine which ones will best meet your students' needs. Make sure students understand how the workshops will help them complete the assignment.

2. TIMING: Some students wait until after their research assignments have been completed to attend. Give students a deadline for attending workshops. Instruction is most effective at the point of need.

3. POLICIES: Let students know they need to sign up for library workshops in advance.

ELAC Library Workshops

an image of a nervous lady

Is research getting you down?

Do you get anxious and clammy at the thought of a research assignment?

Then our library workshops are perfect for you!



Workshop Descriptions:

FIND BOOKS & eBOOKS: Yes, the library has books and yes, you can find them! Through hands-on exploration, students learn the organization of library materials and how to use the library's print and ebook catalogs to find books on a research topic. 

FIND ARTICLES: Research is all about finding and using popular and scholarly articles. Students are introduced to our EBSCO databases and practice finding various types of articles for a research topic. 

CITE RIGHT: You’ve found information, but how do you cite it? How do you know your paper is plagiarism free? Students are introduced to the concepts of plagiarism, academic integrity, and citation. Students practice creating MLA citations for a Works Cited page.

GOOGLE TIPS & TRICKS: Go beyond the search bar. Learn how to find copyrightfree images, online books, and scholarly materials using various Google tools.

WEBSITE INVESTIGATOR: Develop and apply criteria for evaluating open web sources. Practice finding credible websites through Google.

Workshop Policies

1. SIGN-UP EARLY: Students must enroll at least one day in advance. Workshops are limited to 20 students, so sign up early!

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2. ARRIVE ON TIME: Workshops start on time. Late students will not be admitted. 

3. ARRIVE READY TO WORK: Students will practice hands-on research skills with a librarian and fellow students. Keyboarding skills and basic familiarity with computers are recommended.

4. VERIFICATION: Verification of attendance is provided upon completion of a worksheet/assignment, which is reviewed by the librarian. Students will not receive a verification form for a workshop he/she has already attended in the same semester, but students are welcome to retake a workshop to refresh research skills.

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