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About the New Modules

Screenshot of Library Research Using Databases Canvas Module thumbnailAbout our new Library Research Canvas Modules

  • Modules were created with our ELAC students' needs in mind. 
  • The content is multi-modal and includes a mix of text, image, videos, handouts, and quizzes.
  • All content is 100% customizable, so professors can easily edit the modules to fit their course. 
  • All content is ADA compliant. Images include alt-text, videos contain closed-captions, and text content uses the proper hierarchy needed for easy screen-reading.
  • Modules are easy to import into your Canvas shells, easy to edit, and easy to access (no ACE account sign-in needed for students).

Modules Currently Available

Modules Currently Available

How to Import the Modules

Ready to Import?

Watch the video tutorial below:


Or follow these step-by-step directions

  1. Login to Canvas with your LACCD credentials.
  2. Get to the Canvas Commons.
    • Click on your course’s Canvas shell. On the right, under “Course Status” click on “Import from Commons”
    • Alternatively, you can click directly on the Canvas Commons logo in the left-menu to get to the Commons; it looks like a C with an arrow.
  3. In the Commons, search for “ELAC Library” to see the research modules available.
  4. Click on the title of a module to see more details about the module and its contents.
  5. When you're ready to import a module, click on the “Import/Download” button.
    • The "Import" option will import the entire module to the Canvas shell(s) you select as a published module at the end of your course.
    • The "Download" option will download the module as an imscc file to your computer. You can save this file and upload it to your Canvas shells at a later time.
  6. Once you're done, you can edit the module(s) in your shells: add content, remove content, edit the quizzes, whatever you need; the content is now yours!



  • Should I embed these modules?
  • What if I already book library orientations?
    • Research skills cannot be learned in one hour; these modules are meant to supplement library orientations. The modules are great to assign as homework before a librarian visit!
  • Can any faculty person access these modules?
    • Yes! These modules are available in the Canvas Commons for all instructors. However, you must login to Canvas with your faculty credentials to import or download them.
  • Are the modules customizable?
    • Yes! All modules are fully customizable once they are imported into your shells. 
  • Do the modules contain quizzes?
    • Yes! Each module contains a graded quiz which is customizable.
  • Which modules should I import?
    • Depends on your course, assignments, and SLOs. Contact a librarian listed below for help or suggestions.

Need more help? Contact Cynthia or Rita