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This LibGuide was created to call attention to culture, tradition, and achievements of Native Nations.

Land Acknowledgement Statement

East Los Angeles College honors with gratitude and respect the original caretakers of this land and their descendants, people who today call themselves Gabrieleño, Tongva, or Kizh. We acknowledge the many devastating impacts of repeated waves of settler colonialism wrought upon these people and their ancestors by the Catholic missions, Spain, Mexico, and the United States, who took their homeland by force and deception, including the places our college occupies.
The rich culture, accomplishments, humanity, and continued presence of Gabrieleño, Tongva, and Kizh people have too often been ignored, marginalized, and removed from our history and awareness as a consequence of these colonial acts. As an educational institution, we recognize our responsibility to highlight Indigenous histories and advocate for practices, policies, and actions that bring justice for past, present and emerging native communities.

Pronunciation guide:

  • Gabrieleño (gab-ree-eh-LAY-nyo)
  • Tongva (TONG-va)
  • Kizh (KEEch)

These Land Acknowledgements were approved by the ELAC Academic Senate on October 26, 2021.

Indigenous Youth Books

Indigenous Authors

Gabrieleño, Tongva, and Kizh

East Los Angeles College, including its Corporate Center in Monterey Park, California and the South Gate Educational Center are located within the traditional homelands of the Gabrieleño, Tongva, and/or Kizh people.

     L.A. Times "Finding Tovaangar"

Indigenous Artists


About the Guide Creators

This guide was created by our Fall 2023 Reference and Instruction Librarian Interns:

Urusa Ali, MLIS, UCLA Class of 2024

Virginia Castaneda, MLIS, SJSU Class of 2025

Olga Gonzalez, MLIS, SJSU Class of 2024

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