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Library Accessibility

This guide provides information about accessibility in the ELAC Libraries.

Available in ELAC Libraries

  • An ADA compliant computer workstation is available for students with disabilities. CCTV, Jaws and ZoomText Magnifier/Screen Reader are also available for visually impaired students at the ELAC Monterey Park Campus library.

High Tech Center & South Gate Computer Lab

Monterey Park High Tech Center
Students enrolled in the DSP&S can utilize the adaptive equipment/software in the High Tech Center, located on the Monterey Park campus in the Student Services Building (E1-160). Telephone: (323) 265-8787.

South Gate Computer Lab
Students enrolled in the DSP&S can also utilize the adaptive equipment/software in the South Gate Campus Computer Lab, Room 122, Telephone: (323) 357-6223. 

Assistive Technology: Monterey Park Campus and South Gate Computer Lab

  • Jaws (Monterey Park Campus and South Gate Campus):
    • Screen reader uses the numeric keypad for its basic functions. Two particularly strong features are Verbosity Level and Help.
  •  ZoomText Magnifier/Screen Reader (Monterey Park Campus and South Gate Campus):
    • Fully integrated magnifier up to 16x the original size plus a screen reader designated specially for the low-vision computer user for reading text from any Windows application.
  • Kurzweil 3000 (Monterey Park Campus and South Gate Campus):
    • Computer-based reading system that converts printed material into speech. Includes dictionary and phonetic spelling tools to enhance reading.
  • Open Book (Monterey Park Campus and South Gate Campus):
    • Converts printed documents or graphic based text into an electronic format using accurate optical character recognition and quality speech. Powerful low vision tools allow for customization of document appearance on screen.
  • CCTV (Monterey Park Campus):
    • Large text magnifier which increases the size of text and images and allows for changes in color or black/white, contrast, brightness and zoom.
  • Connect Outloud (South Gate Campus):
    • Web access tool for the blind or visually impaired which offers speech and Braille output to the web as well as word processing and email capabilities.
  • Please note that the ADA adaptive equipment/software is maintained by the Diversabilities Support Program & Services (DSP&S).