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Neurodiversity Resources

This guide contains resources for faculty, staff, and students interested in supporting and learning about nerurodiversity and neurodivergent students.

Complete an Assesment of Your Space

Attached is an assesment done by librarian Erika Montenegro for a class about providing services for neurodivergent patrons and students. The assesment was informed by many of the articles linked in this guide, as well as the Equal Access: Universal Design of Libraries check-lists  The assesment also includes an assessment of the ELAC library's (Monterey Park campus) space including strengths and weaknesses. It Identifies at least three changes that would improve how we serve and support neurodiverse students. The assesment concludes with steps necessary to implement such changes. 

Feel free to adopt and edit this document to perform your own assesment. If you'd like assistance in doing this or have a question about the attached example, I welcome you to contact me: Erika Montenegro