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Computer, Printing, and Wi-Fi Login Instructions: ELAC Library

Computer Station Login


Login to Library Computers

Students are automatically assigned an ACE account upon class enrollment which provides access to all library computers.

Your Username:
Is your student ID number which starts with 88 or 90 and is a 9-digit number.

The password starts with "Elac" and is followed by the month and day of the student's birthday using this format ElacMMDD. Note that the "E" must be CAPITALIZED.

If your birthday is January 8, your password is Elac0108.

Still Need Help?

Still Need Help?

Visit the "Computer Help Desk" or "Tech Help Desk" for assistance.

Tech Help Desk



Printing from the Library Computers

Send print job(s) to the printer.

Choose one the following printers:

Printers Bw or Color

Changing the color on the print properties will not work.  Only choose "FollowMe-BW" or "FollowMe-Color."

Print box showing do not change color.  Only select destination to FollowMe-BW or FollowMe-Color

You will be prompted to login with your LACCD SIS account using your student ID number and 14-digit password

It's the same as your LACCD email or Canvas account. 

SIS or SOS Login screen


Proceed to the Printer / Copier locations to retrieve and pay for your print job.

Monterey Park Campus Library South Gate Library
Print Center at the Monterey Park Campus South Gate Copier Printer Location

Payment methods: Bills and coins, credit card, Apple Pay, and Google Wallet.

Note:  For electronic payments listed above, a pre-authorized charge of $5 will show on your credit card account.  Once the account is settled, the actual charge (print amount) will be reflected.

Bills accepted:  $1 and $5.  No change will be given back.

Charge for printing: 5 cents/page (black and white), 25 cents/page (color).


TBS360 Print Kiosk


Wireless and Email Printing

Wireless Printing

To print documents from a portable device, go to: 

Click Here: Wireless Printing Portal

Wireless Printing Page

Wireless printing app is available at Apple Store | Google Play.

Wireless Printing App

Charge for printing: 5 cents/page (black and white), 25 cents/page (color).

Email Printing (This option is currently in progress)

To print an email message or attachment, simply forward your email to:

B&W Printer:

Color Printer:

You will be sent release instructions which can be used to retrieve your printouts.

Wi-Fi Login

Wi-Fi Network and Login Instructions

Select the following Wi-Fi network:  LACCD_Students

Login with your LACCD SIS account using your student ID number and 14-digit password

It's the same as your LACCD email or canvas account. 

Be sure to check "I accept the terms and conditions" before signing in. Using the wireless network indicates that you accept the terms and conditions.