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Off-Campus Instructions

Off-Campus Access Instructions

First time users:

Students and Faculty of the college are automatically assigned an ACE account, which provides access to various campus services. Anyone wishing to use the library's online databases off-campus must go through an authentication process using your ACE account. The library’s online databases are available for research 24/7.

Note: ELAC staff may request an ACE account from IT department.

All students who are enrolled in at least one class, except for Community Services classes at present, are automatically assigned an ACE account.
For example, a student named John M. Smith with student ID number 881234567 who was born on January 8, 1990, would have the following account information:

Your username is your nine-digit ELAC student ID number.

The password starts with “Elac,” and is followed by the month and date of the student's birthday using this format: ElacMMDD. Note that the “E” must be capitalized. In the example above, the student has a birthday of January 8 and so the password would be Elac0108.

All discipline (teaching) faculty get ACE (academic network) accounts; counselors and librarians, e.g., have to request accounts if they are not currently teaching a class.

The username (ACE Account) is generated from a faculty’s name using the [first six letters of the last name] + [first initial] + [middle initial]. For instance, Mark R. Robinson would have this username [robinsmr].

The default password is “Elac,” followed by the last six digits of the faculty’s employee number. For example, if Mark Robinson’s employee number is 10712345, his password would be Elac712345. Note: passwords are case sensitive. Make sure the “E” in Elac is capitalized.
Note: Some employee numbers are 6-digits and others are 8-digits. In the case of 8-digits, use the last six.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my account not working?
Make sure you are entering the exact username and password assigned to you by the college. If you are not sure about your username and password, please follow the instructions above.

Do I need to enable cookies?
You must enable your web browser to accept cookies. To enable cookies in Internet Explore 7, click on "tools" on the menu bar. Select "Internet Options," then click on the "Privacy" tab. Select "Advanced Privacy Settings," then select to accept cookies. For Firefox browser users, on the menu bar, select "options," then click the "Privacy" tab to "Accept Cookies from Sites."

Does the library databases support most web browsers?
We recommend our users to use either Internet Explorer or Firefox browsers.

What if I get a Hostname Error?
You will get a Hostname Error page when you try to access an address (domain) in one of our databases that has not been set up for use by EZproxy. Database vendors sometimes change their domain names without informing libraries. We might not know of these changes until you report a Hostname Error. Once reported, we can edit our Ezproxy settings so that access becomes available. To help us correct this error, please call the library at 323-265-8626.

I am using a firewall on my computer and I can't connect to the databases.
Depending on the level of security you have set up, there may be problems accessing the databases. If you are experiencing problems, configure your firewall to accept the URL domain If this doesn't work, temporarily disable the firewall while accessing the databases.

I have read the instructions, but still can't connect to the databases.
Please call 323-265-8626 for further assistance.