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Los Angeles Research Guide

A resource guide about the communities of Los Angeles closest to East Los Angeles College.

About This Guide

Los Angeles Research Guide

The train had brought them to this place called Los Angeles, where the magical and the real, the world of fantasy books and history, seemed to coexist on the same extended stage of streets, rivers, and railroad tracks. —Héctor Tobar, The Barbarian Nurseries (2011)

Image of "Roger Puta caught Union Pacific Bus 23 at the UP East Los Angeles Station on February 7, 1971" licensed by CC PDM 1.0

This Los Angeles guide provides local and library resources with information on the communities of the City of Los Angeles. The guide is home to a variety of sources, such as books, archives, newspapers, community organizations, and data. Digital sources provided through the ELAC Library will require a login with your LACCD account.