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Online Library Resources

Textbook Access

Online Textbook Rentals and Purchases

Textbook rentals and purchases are made available online through several textbook companies. Be sure to compare textbook prices across platforms before deciding which textbook to rent or buy!

Additionally, you can order textbooks from the ELAC Bookstore online or by phone 323-265-8720. 

Graphing Calculators

Online Math Software

Check out these links for emergency access to math software and online graphing calculators.



OneSearch is the library's online search tool for searching and accessing books, eBooks, articles, and more.



1. Search OneSearch (or use the link provided to you) to find the book you need for your class.

2. If the book is available online it will say "Available Online":

OneSearch Results Page for Online Books

3. Click on the title of the book to see which library database provides full-text access to the book. Then click the link under 'View Online':

OneSearch Online Book Landing Page‚Äč

4This will take you to the database that contains the eBook (for example, EBSCO eBook). If you are off-campus, you will see this login screen:

ELAC Electronic Resources Login Screen

Faculty and staff will use the same username that they use for their LACCD email account (do not include in the username) and the password will be Elac + the last five digits of your employee ID number. 

Students will use their student ID number as the username and the password will be Elac + birth month + birth date (i.e. for a birthday January 1, 1990 the password will be Elac0101).

More Information About Remote Access Visit:

5. After you login, you will be taken to the eBook:

EBSCO eBook Landing Page

You have the options to open the eBook by clicking on the PDF or Table of Contents to view it online. 

Textbooks by Course

Please see our "Emergency Textbooks" guide to check if your textbooks are available online.

Guide Attribution

Adapted from Glendale Community College Library Updates (CC BY 4.0).CC BY

This guide is licensed CC BY 4.0. You are free to copy, transform, and redistribute this material in any medium or format without asking permission.