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i3 at ELAC: Invention & Inclusive Innovation

This guide serves as a landing page for ELAC's i3 (Invention & Inclusive Innovation) Initiative.

Mission, Vision, and Values

ELAC i3 Logo


The i3 Initiative at ELAC fosters innovative thinking and inventive education by building an inclusive community of scholars who work together in diverse multidisciplinary teams to identify issues in their community and design and invent sustainable solutions. 


The i3 Initiative at ELAC advances equity, democratizes invention, and empowers students to create change in their communities through collaboration to solve current and future problems.  


The i3 Initiative at ELAC prioritizes interdisciplinary collaboration, diversity of thought and experience, lifelong learning, and community building. i3 embraces non-traditional modes of knowledge and seeks to transform students' educational landscape through innovative, inclusive, and inventive learning.

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