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Sociology Research Guide: SOC4: Literature Review

Your Assignment

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Read and review your literature review assignment below.

Database Search Tips

1. Use keywords instead of questions. Use AND to connect different concepts.

Boolean search example





2. Limit your searches to retrieve only "scholarly" and "peer-reviewed" journal articles. 

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3. Review the video "How to Read a Scholarly Journal Article" and learn to read articles more efficiently.


Best Databases for Scholarly Articles

How to Read a Scholarly Journal Article

Sample Literature Review

Below is an example of a critcal review, also known as a literature review, that was found in the JSTOR database:

McCormack, Thelma. 1978. “Machismo in Media Research: A Critical Review of Research

         on Violence and Pornography.” Social Problems 25(5):544–55. Retrieved September

         25, 2016 (

Abstract: "Two areas of media research, pornography and violence, are examined with a view to accounting for their discrepant findings, i.e. the effects of pornography are innocuous while those of violence are serious and warrant censorship. Both sets of research are characterized by sexist biases in the way problems are conceptualized and in their research designs. Drawing on a related field, studies of humour, I suggest that reference group theory could eliminate the bias. With respect to current state of knowledge. I treat the contradiction itself as a social fact. The underlying logic of the contradiction, it is suggested, is a machismo orientation defined here as narcissistic pride in sexual virility (pornography) the other side of which is anxiety about male sexual identity (male against male aggression films). Further research on machismo is proposed, similar to F scale research which also looked for unifying dimensions behind apparent contradictions"