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Open Educational Resources

Step-by-Step Guide to Searching for OER Classes in the Class Schedule

Step 1:

Go to the ELAC Schedule of Classes. Click on the searchable schedule of classes.

Class Schedule: Fall 2021 & Summer 2021, Search for Classes, Click Here

Step 2:

Limit your search as you normally would when selecting classes. Choose your subject (e.g. Biology, Art History), campus (e.g. East Los Angeles College), days of the week (e.g. Mondays), or any other criteria.

Step 3: 

You're going to now limit to just search for classes that do not require students to purchase textbooks or other educational materials! Under "Class Search," there is an option to limit your results by "Class Search Type."

"Class Search Type" limiter in the Schedule of Classes

Choose, "Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) - OER." 

Options under "Class Search Type" limiter, including "Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) - OER"

Step 4:

Click on "Search." Now all the classes you see will be ZTC/OER. You will NOT be required to purchase a textbook or other educational materials.