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Child Development Research Guide

Background research

Background research can help you:

  • narrow down a broad theme into a smaller topic
  • learn the basics of your topic
  • develop a list of keywords to use when searching for more sources
  • develop a research question and/or thesis statement

Starter databases

Starter databases:

  • simple, browseable databases meant to help students with background research
  • often contain credible reference articles, but can also have viewpoint essays
  • a good alternative or supplement to Wikipedia

Best starter databases:

Books to Check Out

Books in the Library

  • These books can be found on the second floor of the library and are available to check out.
  • Write down the book's title and call number to find the book on the shelf.

Reference Books

Reference Books in the Library

  • The books below provide background information and are great starting points for your research.
  • They can be found in the Library's first-floor Reference collection, next to the Research Help Desk.
  • These books are available for in-library use only.