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Kanopy Help Guide

This guide explains how to access ELAC's Kanopy film collection.

Kanopy Update (Fall 2023)

  • Users no longer need to create a personal account to access ELAC's Kanopy platform.
  • Off campus, users must login with their ACE account. 
  • Access over 140+ films selected by ELAC Faculty. View the full list of titles here
  • Faculty who need films for course assignments can submit a request directly in ELAC's Kanopy platform or send film requests directly to Amy Guy, E-Resources Librarian, at
  • View instructions for requesting Kanopy films below.
  • Faculty can request major motion films through ELAC's Swank streaming video platform. See details below.
  • Visit Kanopy Help to view supported browsers, devices, and operating systems.

Instructions: Creating a Personal Kanopy Account (Now Optional)

1. New users can create an optional personal account, but it's no longer required to access ELAC's Kanopy platform.
2. Go directly to ELAC's Kanopy platform:

3. If you are on campus, you do not need to login. Off campus, login with your ACE account. 
4. Create a personal account by clicking on the Account Icon in the top right corner.

Instructions: Requesting Kanopy Films

The library can only fill faculty film requests (while funds last).

Screenshot of Kanopy login page instructing faculty to scroll down below results to request a film     

  1. In the ELAC Kanopy platform, search for the film in the search box.
  2. If the library purchased a license for this film, it will appear in the results list.
  3. If the film does not appear in the results, scroll down to view a list of videos available for request.
  4. Click on the desired film and submit the request form.
  5. Allow 3-5 days for a response from library staff.                                                                

Kanopy @ Public Libraries

Los Angeles public library cardholders can access an open version of Kanopy. Thousands of films are available for viewing without permission or request. Note: Public and academic library film collections vary. 

LA County Library
County residents can sign up for a free digital library cardUsers are limited to 10 films per month.

Los Angeles Public Library
City residents can apply for a free e-CardUsers are limited to 10 films per month.

More ELAC Streaming Videos

  • The Films on Demand collection is fully open and accessible to current ELAC users. 
  • All films are viewable without request or library approval.
  • Access it here or from the Streaming Video menu on the ELAC Library homepage.
  • Login with your ELAC ACE account.

Faculty Film Request Instructions:

  1. Off campus login to Swank with your ACE account.
  2. First create a personal Swank account. An account is required to request films. Student accounts are unavailable.
  3. Search the film's title in the search box.
  4. If the film is available through Swank, it will appear in the results list.
  5. Click on the film's title to initiate a request.
  6. Complete and submit the film request. 
  7. Please allow 3-5 business days for the library to approve the request.
  8. Once approved, the film will appear in the Swank platform and any current ELAC user can watch it.

Embed Videos in Canvas

Kanopy: Videos can be embedded inside of Canvas using the embed code generated by Kanopy, but will still require students to login with their ACE account. 

Films on Demand

Academic Video Online

In your Canvas Rich Text Editor, there should be a small icon that reads “Apps” when you hover over it. It looks like a plug. Click the icon, open the menu, and look for Alexander Street Video (the list is alphabetical, so it should be near the top).

Hint: If this your first time first time accessing Alexander Street, you will need to click "View All."

view all


Alexander Street Video in app menu

From there, a search interface should pop up. Search for the video you want and then choose the embed option you prefer (medium or large). The video will embed automatically.

embedded AVON video