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Library Services and Policies

ADA Accommodations & Library Services

Students with disabilities are encouraged to enroll in the Diversabilities Support Program & Services (DSP&S), E1-160 (323) 265-8787, to obtain information regarding special accommodations and services.

The East Los Angeles College Libraries, at the Monterey Park Campus and at the South Gate Campus, are committed to providing services to students with disabilities. The law requires that reasonable accommodations be provided to students with disabilities, to ensure equal access to the Libraries' facilities and services. Accommodations may vary based upon the type of disability involved.

Research Assistance

  • Librarians are on duty at the Research Help Desk during all library hours and will provide research assistance to locate and demonstrate the use of library resources to students with disabilities.

Library Workshops and Orientations

  • An ADA compliant computer station is available in the library classroom where library workshops and orientations are conducted. Reasonable accommodations will be provided for students with disabilities who attend these instructional sessions and request accommodations in advance through DSP&S or the Library.
  • All students are encouraged to enroll in Library Science 101 and/or Library Science 102 in order to increase library research skills.


  • While photocopiers are self-service, one photocopier with wheelchair access is available at the Monterey Park Campus library. If students with disabilities require assistance, they can request help from library staff at the Circulation Desk. If library staff cannot provide immediate assistance, students with disabilities can leave their requests and return at a later time to pick up the copied materials. The photocopy charge is 10 cents per page and students are responsible for paying copier charges in advance through coins, bills, or the purchase of a library copy card.
  • For copyright law, refer to the "Copyright Restrictions" flier posted near the photocopiers.

Retrieving Materials

  • If needed, library staff will retrieve materials for students with disabilities from the book shelves. If library staff cannot provide immediate assistance, students can leave their requests at the Circulation Desk and return at a later time to pick up the retrieved materials.

Adaptive Equipment/Software

  • An ADA compliant computer workstation is available for students with disabilities. CCTV, Jaws and ZoomText Magnifier/Screen Reader are also available for visually impaired students at the ELAC Monterey Park Campus library.
  • Students enrolled in the DSP&S can utilize the adaptive equipment/software in the High-Tech Center, main campus, (323) 265-8997.
  • Students enrolled in the DSP&S can utilize the adaptive equipment/software in the South Gate Campus Computer Lab, Room 122, (323) 357-6223.

Computer software in the High-Tech Center and the South Gate Campus Computer Lab includes:

  • a. Jaws (Monterey Park Campus and South Gate Campus):
    • Screen reader uses the numeric keypad for its basic functions. Two particularly strong features are Verbosity Level and Help.
  • b. ZoomText Magnifier/Screen Reader (Monterey Park Campus and South Gate Campus):
    • Fully integrated magnifier up to 16x the original size plus a screen reader designated specially for the low-vision computer user for reading text from any Windows application.
  • c. Kurzweil 3000 (Monterey Park Campus and South Gate Campus):
    • Computer-based reading system that converts printed material into speech. Includes dictionary and phonetic spelling tools to enhance reading.
  • d. Open Book (Monterey Park Campus and South Gate Campus):
    • Converts printed documents or graphic based text into an electronic format using accurate optical character recognition and quality speech. Powerful low vision tools allow for customization of document appearance on screen.
  • e. CCTV (Monterey Park Campus):
    • Large text magnifier which increases the size of text and images and allows for changes in color or black/white, contrast, brightness and zoom.
  • f. Connect Outloud (South Gate Campus):
    • Web access tool for the blind or visually impaired which offers speech and Braille output to the web as well as word processing and email capabilities.
  • Please note that the ADA adaptive equipment/software is maintained by the Disabled Students Program & Services (DSP&S).


  • The library makes every effort to maintain the library website ( and make it accessible to students with disabilities in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Revised Spring 2024.

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