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Library Services and Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

How many books can I check out?

- Patrons can check out up to a maximum of 10 books at any one time.

How do I dispute fines or other library charges?

- Speak to the library staff at the circulation desk.  You may be referred to the circulation librarian or a librarian on duty.

How do I renew my books?

- There are three renewal options: (1) in person, (2) by phone, or (3) online.

How do I pay my library fines?

- You will be issued a payment form to be paid at the fiscal office located in building G1.

How do I see what materials I have checked out?

- You can log on to your library account to check on items checked out.  Click here for instructions. 

If I am not a student at ELAC or South Gate, can I check out materials at the library?

- You must be a currently enrolled student to be able to check library materials.

Can I check out materials if I attend Cal State Los Angeles?

- The Helen Miller Bailey Library has a reciprocal agreement with California State University, Los Angeles whereby ELAC students may use and check out library materials by showing a current ELAC student ID card, or a current registration-fee receipt.

Can I check out books without my student ID card?

- A student identification (ID) card with current semester sticker or validation attached to the back of the card, or current registration receipt is required for borrowing.

Note: A current online receipt printed from the LACCD student information system ALONG WITH another form of photo identification (such as a Passport or Driver's License) is also acceptable.