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Library Services and Policies

Borrowing Materials from Other LACCD Libraries

Los Angeles Community College District Libraries

Student Borrowing Policies Between Colleges

Current registered students from any LACCD campus can borrow regular circulating materials from any LACCD campus library. This policy does not replace the intra-library loan process (ILL), but will be used in addition to it.

Students wanting books from other campus libraries can either do an ILL (or Hold) request, or go directly to the campus library they want to borrow from.

Students can show any LACCD ID card, regardless of the campus. They all use the same 88 or 90 ID number. When the ID card is scanned in Workflows, the student must show as current, not expired, regardless of the campus.

Students must abide by the loan policies of the campus library they are borrowing from. This means:

  • Fees incurred by students must be paid at the library the items were borrowed from.
  • Materials must be returned in person to the campus from which they were borrowed. If materials are accidentally returned to the wrong library, the patron will be contacted to retrieve the book and return it to the correct library.
  • Blocked students will be placed on hold (and cleared) through PeopleSoft at the library the materials were borrowed from.

This borrowing policy does not apply to reserve materials. Students may only borrow reserve materials from the campuses where they are currently enrolled. Since only the home campus is listed in the user record in Workflows (Circulation System), students wanting to borrow reserve materials from another campus must show, by registration receipt or class schedule, that they are enrolled in a class at that campus.