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Library Services and Policies

Study Room and Television Display Policies

ELAC's Helen Miller Bailey Library has 25 group study rooms, spread throughout the first and second floors. 

All Library Study Rooms must be reserved in advance.

Study Room Policies and Procedures:

  1. Library group study rooms can be reserved online.

  2. A single person can book a room up to a maximum of 2 hours per day.  

  3. Study rooms can only be reserved by currently enrolled ELAC students. Booking requires your ELAC email (

  4. To cancel a reservation, please use the link provided in your confirmation email.

  5. Arriving more than 15 minutes late is considered a "no show” and you may lose your first hour-long reservation to another group.

  6. Students studying alone in a 4-person or 8-person room will be asked to leave the room if a group needs to use the room, even if the person studying alone reserved the room. Alternatively, you may be asked to share a study room with another group.

  7. Rooms are to be used for academic purposes only. Rooms cannot be used for gaming, social gatherings, club activities, or commercial use.

  8. If there is no prior reservation, rooms are first-come, first-served.

  9. Study Room Capacities:

  • 2 person room: 1 person minimum; 2 person maximum

  • 4 person room: 3 person minimum; 4 maximum

  • 8 person room: 5 person minimum; 8 person maximum

Television Display Use Policy

  • Use of library television display is intended for library activities such as research, collaborative studying, group discussions and presentations
  • Watching sports, movies, YouTube, etc., and playing video games for recreation is not allowed
  • Rooms are not soundproof; conversations, discussions, and noise/sound should be kept at acceptable levels
  • Students must comply with LACCD’s "Use of District and College Computing Facilities" regulation:​
  • Tampering of library equipment is forbidden and may result in lost privileges
  • Users who fail to adhere to usage policy after being notified by a library staff member will be reported to campus security

Study Room Terms and Conditions:

  1. No food or drink (except bottled water) is allowed.
  2. Do not leave any belongings unattended for any period of time. The Library is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal belongings.
  3. Keep voices low.
  4. Return chairs to their original location.
  5. Lights must remain on at all times.
  6. The person reserving the room is responsible for making sure everyone in their group follows policies.
  7. Library staff reserves the right to remove students and revoke study room privileges for each group member for any policy or term violation.